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Hi guys! I've been getting some questions about commissions, and while I definitely appreciate the interest, I'm afraid I'm not in a good position to accept more commissions at the moment! I am also needing to do some reworking of prices based on time/availability.

What I CAN do is put together a wait list of folks that want to be alerted when I am open for commissions and have info available again. If you're interested in being added to the wait list, please send me a note with your name and what email I can reach you at!

Current Commission List:

Guide (Re-do)
Josh (Marttor)

I'm afraid it is going to be a bit of a wait before I can take on any new commissions outside of special circumstances. Thank you very much for your patience!
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Hey since the NDA dropped, why not tell us about your Beta experiences?
Also were can I find information on these characters and stories they're from like who there are? and what there world is like. I know that dragon's curse is a story you are still coming up with but what about the other stuff?
Hi, I have a few questions of you don't mind having a few answers. I just found out about you, and dang are you good, these are pretty much just about the dragon cursed, so, ya. Do the characters loose their humanity when the transformation is complete? Can they still talk? And finally, are you done making art for the dragon cursed? Anyway thanks for taking the time to listen. 
evion Mar 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hiya! Those are good questions! It's been a while since I've done much with the Dragon Cursed world, but lemme see what I can put together for you...

1. Keeping their humanity varies between individuals. There are those who go mad in the process, and do become what are known as "feral" dragons. They're the mindless predators that humanity is most familiar with - hunting livestock and wilderness regions. However, others can achieve a sort of balance and maintain most of their humanity, or make peace with their new form and life. And perhaps there are elder dragons, ones who were not humans cursed, who know more about the nature of magic and form-shaping... But yes, intelligent dragons can talk. Sometimes anatomy changes make it difficult, but it just requires some re-learning and adjusting.

2. Dunno if I'll make more art right now! It's currently been shelved for a good number of years and will probably depend on when I get inspiration and time to go back into developing it. A lot will need to be reworked or outright thrown out and created from the ground up if I do pursue it again.

3. From your other post - I'm afraid I don't have any info anywhere about more of the story or characters right now! They were all in AIM logs that have likely gotten lost on an old dead hard drive. So most of what remains is what's in my head and in the images. So, like I said, a lot of reworking and rebuilding to do.
Wow, thanks for that. It's one heck of a reply. 
Happy Birthday :cake::cake::cake:
StormyWolf Dec 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Happy Birthday!!! :D
Happy Birthday
Happy BDAY!!!!!
Happy birthday.
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